Uday Narang

Founder, Omega Seiki Mobility & Chairman, Anglian Omega Group.

Uday Narang has been the driving force behind the growth and expansion of the Group. He has been actively involved in the business since 2015. Presently heading Anglian Omega Group and is taking a lead role in expanding Asian and ASEAN markets in Automotive Parts, Steel & Infrastructure projects. Uday Narang has more than 15 years of experience in the industry which has given him an incisive understanding of the operations of the company as well as great insight into the larger trends. Uday Narang is a firm believer in collaborative leadership. Omega Seiki Mobility was founded and conceptualised by Mr Uday Narang in 2018. Mr Narang believes in providing solutions with OSM his focus is to eventually create a clean ecosystem with eco-friendly, safe and congestion free mobility: A brand which will be synonymous with India’s sustainability success.