Raj Mehta

Founder, Greta Electric Scooters

The sooner, the better- an adage that fits Raj Mehta, founder and managing director, Raj Electromotives Pvt. Ltd., to the T.

Raj Mehta was an early entrant in the electric vehicles space. He was only 12 when he invented a battery-operated bicycle all by himself, marking the first step of his journey to set up a company called Raj Electromotives Pvt. Ltd.

Raj Mehta at 14, started Raj Electromotives. At 17, he was the youngest entrepreneur to get an import-export licence. Raj Electromotives Pvt. Ltd. offers conversion kits for converting pedal-operated bicycles, pedal rickshaws, tricycles for the specially-abled & bikes (India’s first-ever Retro-Fitment kit for converting Petrol Bike to Electric) to electric.

His vision to make transportation affordable while reducing the global carbon footprint globally was the motivation behind starting Greta Electric Scooters in June 2019, a subsidiary of Raj Electromotives Pvt. Ltd. engaged in Manufacturing of Electric Scooters.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Raj focuses on product improvements and exploring ways to revolutionize the mobility across segments.

While busy innovating, running his business & bringing his vision to life, Raj did not leave his education behind. Raj has completed Bachelors in Automobile Engineering, while still working on his business.