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'The Festival of Manufacturing' (FoM) will celebrate all that is good and great about this fantastic industry. Aimed at making manufacturing a people-oriented industry, FoM will also position it as an important career option for the country's youth. By engaging with lakhs of workers across the nation, it will create a five-way collaborative network amongst the industry, government, people, academia and media. FoM has been conceptualised, developed and launched by THE TIMES OF INDIA GROUP, India's largest media conglomerate.
Join the celebrations
While the anchor event will take place in New Delhi, FoM will be celebrated across the nation with great excitement. Whether you are a general citizen or a manufacturing plant, all can join the celebrations. FoM aims to bring the people to the industry, and to take the industry to the people. While you can celebrate FoM in your unique ways (do let us know!), we are also giving you a few ideas:

1. Plant Visit.

2. Build a Citizen FoM Forum

3. Plant Level celebrations!

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